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We will ensure you pay as little out-of-pocket
as possible for all services!

FREE Adult Brighter, Whiter Cleaning (1110)

FREE Adult Exam (0120, 0150)

FREE Child Cleaning & Exam (1120, 0145, 0120, 0150)

FREE Second Opinion Evaluation (0140)




Valuable Offers For Uninsured Patients:

Whiter, More Convenient Cleaning ~ $75 (does not include periodontal therapy)(1110)

Dental Exam & Necessary X-Rays ~ $49 (0150)

Children’s Exam, Cleaning & Fluoride ~ $99 (1120, 1208)

FREE Second Opinion/Consultation (0140)




Dental Care to Fit Your Budget
& Your Busy Schedule

12 Month Special Financing Available



© chrisad, inc., marin co., ca all rights reserved. If you have insurance where a co-pay is not required, your exam, x-rays & cleaning will be at no cost to you. If your insurance requires a co-pay, you must pay a small out-of-pocket cost. Cosmetic cases depicted herein are representative of attainable results & may not represent actual cases or actual patients. Specialty treatment may be performed by dentists who are not certified as specialists, according to state law & administrative rules. This dentist may or may not be a contracted, participating provider for any listed insurances. UCR fees apply to insured patients. Regarding cleaning offer includes cleaning & home-care kit, does not include periodontal (gum) therapy. Call for more details & your appointment.